About Tri-State Financial Group

TFG ‘s strength derives from the experience of two well established Pennsylvania companies that offer state-of-the-art programs for tax administration, delinquent tax collections and discovery of unregistered tax debtors.

First, Keystone Tax Bureau, Inc (KTB), established in 1988, is the collector of: Amusement, Business Privilege, Mercantile, Earned Income, and Local Service taxes in Southeastern Pennsylvania. With over 20 years of experience providing Revenue administration services in Pennsylvania, TFG will benefit and apply that knowledge to continue providing quality and expanded services to our clients.

Second, Revenue Collection Bureau, Inc. (RCB) established in 2000, is a full service Tax Compliance and Administration company dedicated exclusively to providing professional revenue recovery services to municipal and state government. Through experience and best use of technology, RCB achieves the highest levels of delinquent debt collection, and offers highly successful discovery programs that can bring millions of dollars of newly found revenue to our clients.